Do you wonder who owes you money?

Who Owes You Money?

Do you wonder who owes you money? How many invoices are unpaid? Have any of your customers gone over 30 days past due? Do you use QuickBooks as your accounting software?

If you said yes to any of these then I would go into your reports center and run “Accounts Receivable (A/R) aging detail” report.

This report helps businesses identify invoices that are open and allows you to keep on top of slow paying clients.

This report provides a list of aging information also. There are several columns in the report, but you’ll want to pay special attention to the last one that says Open Balance.

Moose Creek can give you the peace of mind of having an advisor keeping track of your Accounts Receivable. Having a bookkeeper you are able keep better track of all of your revenue and expenses and ensure all of your customers are being billed correctly and that all of your vendors are being paid on time.